Auto Sales Used Car Trade In Value

Widely respected in the industry, Black Book® Online offers quick and accurate auto sales car valuations, based on historic sales data and current trends.

Why to Use BlackBook®?

Trade-in values vary by region, time of the month and even between dealerships. A used car manager at one dealership may give you less for your used car than another dealership.

By using Black Book ® you get an unbiased valuation of your trade as a starting point for shopping, or a negotation tool.

How to Use This Tool to Appraise Your Used Car

Determining your trade-in's value before you visit a new car dealer is important! Effective negotiation of your current vehicles appraisal value is difficult without knowledge of how the industry appraises cars.

Our Black Book® appraisal form will give you a fair estimate of your used car's value.

Our final Black Book Appraisal form is a guideline. The final price for your car based may vary based on the dealer, their analysis of market trends and vehicle condition.